Travel Clinic Vaccines and Medications

Everyone loves going on holiday...but everyone hates being ill on holiday.


Whether you're planning the trip of a lifetime or a short hop abroad, don't forget the travel health essentials. Most destinations will need either the necessary vaccinations or medications (e.g. malaria tablets), all of which I fully assess and provide for the entire family.

My clinic is also a registered yellow fever vaccination centre (YFVC) so I can fulfil this and all certificate requirements.



- Yellow Fever Vaccine

- Hepatitis A and B

- Typhoid

- Diptheria, tetanus and pertussis

- Meningococcal A, C, W and Y

- Rabies

- Japanese Encephalitis B


- Anti-malaria medications

- Antibiotics, anti-sickness medications and other   essentials in case of illness whilst away


Travel advice for all destinations

Yellow Fever vaccine certificates and exemptions

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