Blood Tests and Scans with Same Day Results

At my clinics I can send a complete range of blood tests and other samples and have many results back to you within a matter of hours.

Please note that fees for specific blood tests vary, so please enquire for specific pricing.

Dr Martin GP Blood tests

Imaging and Scans

If you need a scan of any description, this too can easily be arranged at many of the best London imaging centres, often the very same day, but usually within 24 - 48 hours.


Available imaging includes:

        - Plain X-rays

        - ECGs (electrocardiogram, a tracing of the heart rhythm)

        - Echocardiograms (an ultrasound to see the heart beating)

        - Ultrasound scans, including fetal scans

        - Mammograms

        - CT scans

        - MRI scans

        - DEXA bone density scans


The majority of these scans have results within 24 hours after being reported upon by leading Consultant Radiologists.

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