Vaccinations and Immunisations


I offer a full range of vaccinations and immunisations for babies, infants, children and adults. This includes several vaccinations that are not routinely available, such as Bexsero (Meningitis B), Nimenrix (Meningitis A,C,W,Y) and chickenpox. 

Vaccinating our children has been one of medicine's greatest advances in public health. It has led to the near eradication of devastating diseases and their complications. But we must not allow complacency to take hold and rest on our laurels - letting vaccination rates to drop can lead to a rapid resurgence of readily preventable diseases, an issue my MMR article discusses


Full range of standard baby and infant vaccinations available for the UK, French and USA immunisation schedules for infants and children of all ages, plus:

- Meningitis B (Bexsero) -  available from 2 months of age onwards (number of doses depends on age given)

- Meningitis ACWY (Nimenrix) - available from 12 months of age onwards (single dose)

- Chickenpox - available from 12 months of age onwards (two doses, two months apart)


Other vaccinations 

- HPV (Human papilloma virus), e.g. Gardasil 9

- Hepatitis A and B

- Shingles

- Seasonal influenza vaccine (flu jab)

       - Japanese encephalitis B, rabies etc


Travel vaccinations, now including yellow fever vaccine - click here for more information

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